Line closure – Southern’s view on posponement

Further Email received



From: SR_VIP []
Sent: 31 October 2011 14:47
To: Neill, Jason
Subject: Closure of the Hastings – Ashford rail link in the new year Email to Jason Neill

Reference TP12781

Dear Mr Neill,

Thank you for your recent email in reply to mine of Friday afternoon.

I have referred your question about the timing of the closure of the Ore tunnel to the senior member of our planning team handling this closure, and asked “Have we requested a postponement of this work?”

He tells me that we have, on several occasions, suggested alternative schemes to Network Rail, including doing the work in smaller “instalments”, or postponing the closure of the line. However Network Rail have consistently insisted that this work cannot be delayed, and will be going ahead in January as planned. We at Southern are effectively powerless to overturn this decision.

Whether or not local concerns and feelings would carry greater weight I do not know. I have already referred you to the Marsh Link Action Group (, and observe that you had copied them into your first email to us. They have been involved in these plans, and they might be able to give you further information on all these issues, but I believe that the scheduled dates for this work are now solidly established. We are currently engaged in planning the replacement bus service to address the various issues you and others have raised.

Yours sincerely,

Liam Ludlow
Customer Services Manager


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