Press release – ticket prices


Date: 2 December 2011
re: Rail price increases

The rail fare increase effective from 1 January 2012 was due to be RPI + 3% (average 8%) as announced by the Secretary of State for Transport last year. However, following changes announced by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement on 29 November, Southern Railway has confirmed that the fare increase (effective from 1 January 2012) will be 6% (RPI + 1%).

This fare increase notionally applies to users of the MarshLink line between Ashford and Hastings. However, with a bus service replacing the rail service for nine weeks in the New Year, MLAG is looking for lower fares to apply for the period of the disruption and, indeed, for season ticket holders to benefit from the reduction too.

No decision has yet been announced on the MarshLink rail fares. We do have the bus replacement timetable however – see

Stuart Harland
MarshLink Action Group


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