PRESS STATEMENT – 25 January 2012

1.         Bus replacement service on the MarshLink

We have received complaints about the quality of the buses used on the rail replacement service, in particular that some are buses rather than the luxurious coaches previewed at the public meeting in Rye back in September.

Southern Railway tells us that the majority of vehicles in use are ‘coaches’, with one single deck ‘bus’ being used (although, they say, it is equipped with coach seating). They agree that some ‘double deck buses’ are also used, though these are operated on the Rye to Ashford school services, as well as on a ‘stand by’ (contingency) basis.

MLAG expressed surprise there was only one boneshaker single-deck bus but, apart from the seating, there is also a problem with noise and vibration: however, if there is only one such bus, could it be replaced with a coach. We understand this suggestion is now being considered by Southern.

2.         Road works

It seems we were somewhat premature expecting work on the Fishmarket Roundabout to Camber Road section of the A259 to have already started. We now understand these works will start on 30 January for two weeks following which period there will be a lull before re-starting.

We continue to have concerns what affect this will have on the replacement bus service’s timetable. Meanwhile the weather continues to hold.

Stuart Harland


MarshLink Action Group


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