Digging for Beaufighter at Doleham Halt

Hi All,

Had a note through my door re:- the WW2 “Beaufighter” aircraft. It seems that Mandrill Television of York is making a documentary for Discovery History Channel about a group of archaeologists digging for the remains of the above near Doleham Halt last Tuesday and Wednesday.

We are assured that all health and safety rules will be adhered to and that their activity will not affect the railway works in any way. Also the public are not allowed anywhere near the site of the dig. I suspect there won’t be much to find of an aluminium aircraft after 60-odd years.

We very nearly have a new bridge at Doleham. It’s been chaos with all manner of heavy plant and cranes going up and down the hill as you can imagine, but Dyer and Butler have certainly “Extracted The Digit” and really got on with it. They have kept us all informed of progress both by letter and word of mouth, and also seem to be a pretty A1 bunch of Blokes, So Far So Good.

Regards, PG.


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