Completion of works on the MarshLink line

To: All rail users
Date: 17 February 2012

There have been rumours that the works on the MarshLink line are delayed and trains will not start running again by the end of the 9 week blockade.

MLAG has discussed this with Network Rail and Southern Railways and has been assured the works will be completed on time – the initial, informal, response from Network Rail was the suggestion of a delay is “absolute nonsense.”

Nonetheless, MLAG has asked Network Rail for a formal statement and we expect such a statement to be published in The Observer on 24 February.

Please note that MLAG will hold its Annual General Meeting starting at 7.15pm on Wednesday 14 March at The George Hotel in Rye. Also note the date of the meeting was specifically chosen to be after completion of the works so the meeting could be forward thinking.


Stuart Harland


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