The Committee gives Notice that the ninth Annual General Meeting of the MarshLink Action Group is called for:

Wednesday 14th March 2012
at 7.15pm
in The Ballroom, The George Hotel, Rye, East Sussex

The AGENDA of the Annual General Meeting will be as follows: 1. Welcome and introductions
2. Apologies for absence
3. Approval of Minutes of the last AGM held on 9 February 2011 4. Chairman’s report (attached)
5. Treasurer’s report
6. Nominations for the Committee
7. Elections to the Committee
8. Any other business and conclusion of formal AGM

Following the formal Annual General Meeting there will be presentations and Q&A sessions with:

– David Scorey, Franchise Improvement Director, Southern Railway – Paul Wyborn, Area Manager, Southern Railway
– Mark Leving, Deputy Bid Director, The Go-Ahead Group plc – Murray Motley, Senior Sponsor, Network Rail
– Ore Tunnel Project Manager, Network Rail

If you have not already paid your subscription please do so at the AGM.


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