The trains are back on time

This message was received from John Stedman

FYI I travelled from Rye – Ashford – Hastings – Rye today. Good to be back on the rails. The speed restriction at Ashford is still there – in fact it’s worse as it is now 20mph over the old area and 30mph for another couple of miles where track has been replaced. I guess you’re right that the trains are being used to bed in the new track, so the speed restrictions should be temporary. There is evidence where the embankment has been stabilised by used of steel reinforcement.

Jointed track has been replaced between Ham Street and Ashford. A long stretch between Rye and Winchelsea appears to have been replaced and reballasted. Some realignment appears to have been done at East Guldeford, just north of the A259 crossing. Doleham bridge is being finished off with topping brickwork, Three Oaks is some way behind with new concrete spans in place. Trackside lighting is still to be removed, along with other equipment, from the lineside either side of Ore Tunnel itself.

But the trains are back, on time.


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