New Franchise ESCC information

This is an extract that relates to the Marsh Link Line.
MLAG is preparing our own summary for the train operating companies to consider when preparing their bids for the new Franchise next year.


Thameslink Franchise Service Specification
Information from East Sussex County Council
February 2012


 Improve existing services on the East Coastway by introducing (at the very least) an additional train per hour, therefore comprising:
o A fast hourly fast service along the East Coastway route calling at main stations.
o An hourly service calling at all stations (consideration should be given as to how best such a service would operate i.e. as a split service – between Brighton and Eastbourne/Hastings, and Hastings/Eastbourne and Ashford – whichever is achievable).  Extend the Lewes-Brighton shuttle to Eastbourne.
 Current low number of rolling stock on the line leads to overcrowding during peak times and at school arrival/departure times. This needs addressing.
 Re-consideration should be given (in the short term) to a split service if this means additional carriages are able to be utilised on parts of this line, and that some diesel rolling stock can be deployed on the Uckfield line. This should only be an interim measure, the preference being for diesel units to be deployed from the electrification of other routes. Our longer term aspiration is for the electrification and dual tracking of this line.
 Trains should run an hour later on the Marshlink line in both directions i.e. at approximately 22.34 from Hastings-Ashford and 23.30 back from Ashford. The latter would provide a connection to the 22.42 from St Pancras. Note: currently the last connecting service from London leaves St Pancras at 21.42 (21.00 from Charing Cross via Ashford).


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