Battery Powered trains – the ideal solution?

Network Rail is conducting trials on battery powered trains. They are referred to as IPEMU (independently powered electric multiple units!).

This could be a solution for the Marsh Link Line as the trains would be hybridised standard electric trains and so would be able to run as normal on the electric network.

This trial is not looking at the use of the fuel cell instead of batteries although fuel cells may well prove to be a more effective solution than batteries in the longer term. The results of the trial will be known later in 2014.

The link to the story on Network Rail is


2 thoughts on “Battery Powered trains – the ideal solution?

  1. I have been told recently that the redoubling and electrification of the Marshlink now has a higher priority than the Uckfield line! That was from a fast disappearing rail man at Ashford International station. The conductor called James heard this too. James is also going log that extra coaches are needed on our diesel service. Our trains are becoming uncomfortably crowded with passengers as younger members of the traveling public are increasingly using the service. I said to this man who made this announcement that what he had said was not a surprise to me!! Sorry I missed the recent public meeting of MLAG.

    Best, Peter Hillier-Palmer

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