MLAG AGM (part 2) – 7pm on Tuesday 28 April at Rye Town Hall

Unfortunately, Southern Railways’ representative was unable to get to the AGM held on 24 March leaving something of hole in the Agenda, especially since many attendees were keen to ask questions about Southern’s performance over the year so far. David Scorer (Southern’s Deputy Managing Director) has now agreed to respond to questions at a public meeting arranged for 7pm on Tuesday 28 April at Rye Town Hall (but, to the extent reasonably possible, the start of the meeting may be delayed a few minutes to enable arrivees by train to hear the whole of the meeting)


At the original MLAG AGM, fortunately Southern’s East Coastway Area Manager happened to be present and did what he could to respond to questions, however he had only been in that role for a short time and so it was difficult but he did agree to research and respond to any issues we raised. So, after the meeting, MLAG submitted the following basic questions in writing and we trust these issues will be responded to at the meeting now being arranged: those issues are:


  1. There used to be a connections policy at Ashford but this has now fallen into disrepute with a delay in an inbound train resulting in a missed connection. MLAG would like to see a policy reintroduced to enable late running trains to meet their connections if the delay is within a specified number of minutes. A member of the MLAG Committee has emailed you separately with more detailed explanation.
  2. Following the track improvements over the last few years (starting with the closure of Ore Tunnel many will remember), when will line improvements be used to improve line speeds, timetabling and, indeed, enable a connectivity policy to be re-introduced.


  1. The current last westbound train leaves Ashford at 22.34 but MLAG would like to see a later train.


We limited our written questions to these priority issues but there were many members of MLAG, and of the public, present who, no doubt, had their own questions but, in practical terms, were unable to ask them. It is also for this reason the forthcoming meeting has been arranged.



Stuart Harland


10 April 2015


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